Custom Prints


We create custom wall art ptints from most of our designs for our customers.  When we customise a design  we will need to know the design you are wanting personalise, the size of final print you are after (we can do just about any size you want), the fabric type you have chosen and most importantly your text or other personal information you want to use in the design.



We can do any of our wall art prints in any colour.  When viewing colour all computer screen view colour differently, so we will send you the RGB colour codes of the colour we have used.  RGB colour codes can be used to view colour on a monitor that has been colour calibrated.  If you do not have access to a calibrated monitor (most people don't) and exact colour is important, we recommend choosing a Dulux paint sample (from an actual paint sample and not from your computer screen).  We will then match your chosen dulux colour, simple. For true colour we also strongly recommend you choose our standard canvas as your fabic choice for your wall art print as the canvas is very accurate when reproducing colours.